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Welcome to the world of feet! You might not give much thought to those two appendages at the end of your legs – that is until they start to hurt. Suddenly, you’re aware of every step. You’re wincing, limping, and searching for relief. That’s when you need to turn to us at the Phoenix Foot and Ankle Institute. We’re here to discuss some clear signs and symptoms that it’s time to pay a visit to a podiatrist.

Constant Foot Pain

Ever heard the saying, “If your feet hurt, you hurt all over?” It’s time to pay attention to that pain. Constant foot pain isn’t normal. It’s your body’s way of waving a red flag.

Ingrown Toenails

These pesky problems can be more than just annoying. They’re painful, and if ignored, can lead to severe infection. A podiatrist can help treat the issue quickly and effectively.

Numbness or Tingling

Do you feel a constant numbness or tingling in your feet? It could be a sign of something serious, like diabetes or peripheral neuropathy. Don’t brush it off as “just a weird feeling.”

Persistent Swelling

Sure, your feet might swell after a long day. But if the swelling doesn’t go down, it’s time to check in with a podiatrist. It could be a sign of a bigger issue, like heart disease or kidney problems.

Unusual Foot Appearance

Are your feet looking a little… off? Changes in color or shape could be a sign of a serious health problem. A podiatrist can help diagnose the issue and set a course for treatment.


Not all foot problems require a trip to the podiatrist. But some signs and symptoms should never be ignored. Listen to your feet. They’re trying to tell you something. And remember, a podiatrist is here to help!

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