Angeles is a very large city

Angeles is a very large city where the car is the preferred means of transport. The traffic is dense and the streets often congested. How to get around Los Angeles, get around efficiently and enjoy your stay?

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Most travelers arrive at Los Angeles International Airport, LAX. Its nine terminals are connected by a free LAX Shuttle  that stops at the lower level, the arrivals level. It is at the same level that taxis, hotel shuttles and car rental companies are parked, which will take you to the agencies located outside the airport enclosure.

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Visit the LAX website to find your way around the airport, find tips for getting around or check the list of car rental agencies.

Rent a car

The car is the most common means of transportation in Los Angeles. Despite the traffic, this is the most efficient way to get to your various drop-off points. Several car rental agencies are located at the airport to motorize you from the start of your stay. Do you want to live the Californian lifestyle to the end? Sites like Turo offer peer-to-peer car rental: it’s up to you to take a Ford Mustang ride!

However, be careful with the rules of conduct, they are strict and in California, we respect the laws! Find our tips for getting around Los Angeles below.

How to get around in Los Angeles

As in all airports, taxis park in a reserved space. None may be available, in this case call the number on the terminals: LA Yellow Cab and Beverly Hills Cab Company taxis will take you to Downtown and West Hollywood, City Cab to North Hollywood and Downtown .

The rules for parking taxis change from October 29, 2019, see the information in the box below.

Getting around by taxi is expensive because Los Angeles is vast and congested. You will travel at more advantageous rates by using the VTC.

Book a VTC: from $30

Uber and Lyft services are widely used in Los Angeles, much more so than taxis . For those who already have accounts on these apps, they will work in the USA. If you subscribe, enter the codes  eliseg30 for Uber and  ELISE198524 for Lyft and receive $5 in credit.

Change for taxis and VTC

LAX airport is adopting new rules for Lyft, Uber and taxi requests starting October 29, 2019 . It will no longer be possible to order and take a taxi or VTC when leaving the airport.

Every 5 to 10 minutes, free shuttles now take travelers next to car rental parking lots. It is from here that it is possible to order its transport. Then get in the first available car by giving the ride code given in the Uber or Lyft app.

Subway extension works are underway to connect the airport. In the meantime, a free shuttle located in parking lot G takes us to the Green Line metro line which serves, with connections, Hollywood, Silver Lake or Downtown LA. If you want to get to Venice and Santa Monica by transport, take the bus:  Big Blue Bus 3 .

If you have opted for traveling by car, here is some useful traffic information that will save you a lot of inconvenience:

Traffic is very busy in Los Angeles. Avoid using the highways during rush hour between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. and between 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. Pay attention to online traffic forecasts  and above all use the essential Waze application ! Take the Car Pool Lane lane only if you are more than 2 people on board and especially avoid the Express Lane  lane which requires a subscription.

Permitted parking varies from street to street. Watch the signs carefully and never park in front of a red line. The green lines are for short-term parking and the white lines allow the driver to stay in the car while waiting or dropping off a passenger. In any case, never cut the lines of the parking spaces, it is the assured fine! Finally, pay attention to the time remaining on the parking meter ticket. One minute exceeded can cost you $53…

By taxi / VTC

Los Angeles is not New York. It is not common to hail a taxi on the street in the middle of the day. On the other hand, they park permanently in front of bus and train stations and in front of major hotels. To order a taxi and know the sectors served: Taxi Services .

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