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A lawyer is a legal professional to whom you can turn in many situations. Depending on the bars and specializations, there are several profiles of lawyers. To be satisfied with your file, it is therefore important to choose the right professional. This is not always obvious. Find out how to choose your lawyer wisely.

Choose first based on the lawyer’s area of ​​expertise

The nature of the case you plan to entrust to him is an essential criterion for choosing the right lawyer. Just as you will not consult an ophthalmologist for digestion problems, it is impossible to use a customs lawyer in the context of a divorce. The legal matter in question is therefore decisive in choosing your lawyer. If you have also identified the area of ​​​​the latter’s skills, make sure that he has experience.

As explained by Maître Marilou Lepage , a criminal lawyer with extensive expertise in criminal law , it is thanks to her experience in her specialization that the lawyer will be able to provide you with sound advice. His experience is also decisive in identifying procedural defects and maximizing your chances of success in a case. In addition to specialization and experience, the lawyer’s reputation also counts. Its visibility on the internet is an example of an indicator of its reputation. The success rate of the cases he has handled in his field of expertise is also to be taken into consideration.

Your lawyer’s fees should be clear from the start

The sometimes high fees are a factor that dampens the ardor of litigants, even when they need a lawyer. For this reason, it is a good idea to find out about the lawyer’s fees before you hire him. The practices in this area being heterogeneous, it is important to take your time and analyze the figures. High fees are not systematically synonymous with quality support. Likewise, note that if you use a prestigious law firm, you will pay substantial fees. From the first meeting, the good lawyer informs you of his policyfees: flat rate or hourly rate. He is transparent and explains to you everything that his prices include. You can ask him questions to eliminate any ambiguity on the issue of his remuneration from the start.

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The availability of the lawyer to meet you and answer your questions

The best lawyers are often busy and you often have to make an appointment with them weeks or even months in advance. The good lawyer nevertheless has a good organization, giving him the possibility of adapting his agenda and making himself available for his clients. If you’re having trouble getting an appointment with your lawyer in a timely manner, he’s definitely not the one for you. This difficulty is often a reflection of the unavailability of the professional. Under these conditions, it is unlikely that he will be able to devote the time necessary to follow up on your file . If you still manage to get a first appointment, you will have to analyze other parameters:

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