Do you want to offer a magnificent jewel to your spouse, father, brother or friend? If your choice is for a men’s bracelet , you won’t run out of ideas at Atelier de Famille. Indeed, our men’s range contains many models made of different materials and displaying various styles. Today we are going to help you choose the most beautiful bracelet to surprise that man who is dear to you.

Choose a men’s bracelet according to its material

Leather, solid silver, gold-plated, stainless steel, fabric cord, some men prefer one of these materials for aesthetics, durability and comfort. On our online store, each of these materials makes up trendy bracelets that you can personalize. Some even mix materials to offer attractive and original designs.

Solid silver seduces men who like to take care of their appearance. This precious metal offers elegant and refined jewelry that is rather discreet on the wrist. Dressy and casual outfits find the perfect accessory to give themselves a touch of modernity. At Atelier de Famille, the personalized men’s bracelet of the moment is none other than a solid silver bangle with black stamped letters . Worn open and enhanced by a pretty matte finish, it features manual engraving on the back and stamped and blackened letters one by one on the front. Specially designed for dads, this very contemporary men’s bracelet offers very touching engraving ideas.

Men’s Silver Bangle with black stamped letters Atelier de Famille

Do you want to surprise with an original men’s jewellery? Do not hesitate to mix the materials as the men’s steel bracelet does wonderfully . Light and comfortable to wear, this model braids colorful cotton and is embellished with a pretty steel clasp on the back of which we will carefully engrave your loving message. It’s up to you to choose the color of this fresh and trendy men’s bracelet!

Discreet Steel and Cotton Bracelet for men Atelier de Famille

Even more surprising, the men’s carbon bracelet is made of lava stone. This one offers her pretty black pearls dotted with small craters. This dark color and this “damaged” aspect give an authentic and mysterious aspect to this very different jewel.

Make your choice according to the type of bracelet

Do you know the different types of the most fashionable men’s bracelets? Rings, leathers, cords, Atelier de Famille does not neglect any of these accessories to allow everyone to find THEIR ideal piece of jewellery!

Did you know ? The leather bracelet is men’s favorite piece of jewelry. Smooth, braided or twisted, thin or thick, this accessory can take on several colours. Most often black or brown, it seduces with its authentic appearance. Very trendy, the personalized men’s leather bracelet brings a touch of elegance to the most classic outfits. Both sober and refined, the Classic Triple model wraps its smooth leather 3 times around the wrist. Available in 3 natural colours, it is adorned with a pretty steel clasp on the back of which we will engrave your message to make this jewel a unique gift.

Classic Triple bracelet for men Atelier de Famille

The rushes are also very popular with men. Sober, elegant and timeless, these metal bracelets go with all styles of clothing. Our customizable solid silver men’s bangle is worn closed. Its 3 notches allow it to adapt to all wrist sizes. Modern and manly, this personalized men’s jewel can be engraved on both sides to provide a symbolic dimension.

Matte Men’s Bangle Atelier de Famille

As for cord bracelets, they manage to seduce men who are reluctant to wear jewelry. Sometimes colorful and very often customizable, these trendy accessories are very light on the wrists. The men’s infinity bracelet on waxed cotton offers you a wide choice of colors for its cord. A symbol of unconditional and unalterable love, its medallion can be engraved on both sides to make this personalized men’s bracelet a real statement !

Infinity bracelet on cotton wax for men manual engraving Atelier de Famille

Choose a men’s bracelet according to the occasion

All occasions are good to please the people you love. But some events require symbolic gifts that remind our loved ones how much we care for them. Valentine’s Day, for example, is the perfect opportunity to show your love to the chosen one of your heart. Atelier de Famille offers the ideal gift for a man: the men’s infinity bracelet on rope-like cotton . Authentic and virile, this model is adorned with an infinite medallion in solid silver. What better symbol to represent the powerful bond of love that unites you? Your most tender words will be carefully engraved on both sides of the medallion.

Infinity bracelet for men on thick cotton manual engraving Atelier de Famille

Are you looking for an original and tender birthday present? The men’s target bracelet on a waxed cotton link is a great idea! Trendy and customizable, this unique jewel offers a wide choice of colors for its cord. His solid silver target medallion will be engraved on both sides to show all your affection for this man you love so much.

Small target bracelet for men on wax cotton link manual engraving Atelier de Famille

At Christmas, opt for a safe bet and make his heart capsize with the sumptuous Atelier de Famille twisted leather bracelet . By combining this noble and natural material with the shiny finish of stainless steel, this jewel creates a magnificent contrast inspiring authenticity and elegance. In other words, you are sure to please with an accessory that enhances all looks! It’s up to you to imagine the most symbolic of engravings to make this jewel an unforgettable Christmas gift.

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