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Condo living can provide a genuine sense of luxury and convenience, as many condos for sale are located in accessible areas and feature exceptional on-site amenities. Choosing between a condominium and a house? Condos are generally more affordable than townhomes and single-family residences, which is one of the condo’s advantages. However, a disadvantage of condos is that their cubic footage is frequently smaller than that of single-family residences. Fortunately, condo maintenance responsibilities enable condo owners to personalise their condominiums and implement effective design strategies.

Continue reading to discover some condo interior design ideas that will maximise space.

Begin to Think Vertically

As a result of past trends in home d├ęcor and condo interior design, most people are programmed to design horizontal storage spaces. Although there is nothing wrong with the trend, designing a room vertically is the best and most efficient method to add space to any room. Vertical storage draws the eye upwards, elongating windows, doors, and walls while creating the illusion of more space in a home.

Install suspended bookcases in your condo’s living room, kitchen, or other key room. They add vertical depth, making a room appear larger, and provide additional storage space. And because they are available in a variety of styles, they have the potential to enhance the space’s aesthetic value.

Bring Out the Paint Samples

Some colours make tiny spaces appear larger. In general, light and cold colours produce depth, making the walls appear to recede; consequently, the space feels more expansive. Additionally, they are naturally reflective and maximise natural light to make an interior feel more open and brilliant.

If you want to create as much visual space as possible, opt for gentle tones such as white and eggshell. They add clarity and reflect light more effectively, creating the illusion of depth and space in a condominium. If you’re not a fan of vibrant colours, attempt neutral colours like light taupe and grey. The former creates visual space without overpowering, while the latter alters with the day’s shadows to make a room feel more refined and expansive.

A feature wall is also an excellent way to add colour to a condo. Using a dark or solid colour on a wall can make it appear further away, creating the illusion of more space. If the room is overly brilliant and lacks visual space, paint the ceiling darker to create visual depth and space.

Utilise All Available Storage

Introduce a few foldable items of furniture that can be easily stowed away to create space in a room. For example, if you work from home and require an office space, you can draw out a foldable office table during work hours and then stow it out of sight.

Consider alternatively multifunctional furniture and ornaments. Use a vintage trunk or a table with built-in storage instead of a conventional coffee table, for instance. It will provide additional storage and hide debris such as books and magazines, creating not only space but also a clean and organised environment.

To create space in the bedroom, consider a bed with compartments that can also be used as storage. Purchase an over-the-toilet organiser to create space in the bathroom for your towels, cosmetics and other necessities. You may also include a mirror with built-in stowage to conceal objects.

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